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Wimmelbild_Shiraz_webIn den letzen beiden Monaten ist das neue Dubbin-Wimmelbild “Die Ragga Dubbins entdecken Shiraz” entstanden.

Das Originial (in Buntstift & Tinte, 37,7 x 85 cm) hat sein zu Hause in dem persischen Cafe-Restaurant Shiraz in Lueneburg: www.shiraz-lueneburg.de






Shiraz_1Das Wimmelbild teilt sich den Raum gemeinsam mit dem schoenen Werk von dem Lueneburger Kuenstler Jan Balyon:

Wenn Ihr die Originale sehen wollt, schaut einfach direkt im Shiraz vorbei, wir freuen uns!





The Ragga Dubbins are creatures who love to discover places in the human world and play with everything they can find there. In this busy picture the Ragga Dubbins are discovering an Iranian Café in Lüneburg, Germany named after the Iranian City Shiraz – the city of poets and gardens. On the Café’s first and second floor you can see the mausoleum of the famous poets Saadi and Hafiz, through the windows is a topographic map of Iran. The Dubbins taste special Persian foods like Kuku or ingredients like the juice of roses. They play with olives and sauces, discover the Samowar, Persian instruments like the Tar, plants such as the Persian Rose and a Date Palm and harvest threads from saffron crocuses. The roof of the Café is guarded by the lively sculptures of the “Homa” – Persian mythical creatures of the ancient Persian empire Persepolis, that herald a fortunate future. Behind the Homa you see the buliding of Azadi – the tower of freedom of modern Teheran.